Apple’s redesigned iPhone rumoured to be launched in fall 2012

As Apple’s 2012 product launch cycle draws closer, rumours about what new we can expect from the company are beginning to pick up steam. The latest rumour is a redesigned iPhone, which is likely to be launched in fall in 2012.

According to BGR, the redesigned iPhone will have an aluminium back panel, like we have for the iPad. Moreover, the redesigned iPhone will probably have a complete new antenna system. Also, the phone is likely to have a bezel, composed of either rubber or plastic, very much like theiPhone 3GS. The rumoured device is also likely to have a larger display around 4-inches.

It’s notable that the current generation iPhone 4S was launched later than the normal Apple product launch cycle, instead of the company’s traditional June/July launch, the 4S arrived in September this year. However, if the report is to believed, the rumoured device is likely to maintain Apple’s traditional one-year gap between device launches.

The BGR report however does not refer to the new Apple device as the iPhone 5, though several other media reports have dubbed it so. The rumours of a redesigned iPhone comes in the backdrop of reports of iPad 3, which is speculated to be launched on February 24, 2012 in honour of Steve Jobs’s birthday. Another set of rumours had suggested that Apple is prepping a mini-iPad in view of competition from 7-inch tablets like the Kindle Fire, and smartphone-tablet hybrids, like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Acer Iconia Smart S300. Read our previous coverage here.

By beatsoftech

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