Will Google Nexus kill iPad’s Dominance?

Google Nexus TabletGoogle, with the release of its new Samsung Galaxy in the US last week, is casting itself as a Pretender to iPad’s tablet throne, believing its technology leadership will offer a faster and greater user experience

The tablet wars, in 2012, are likely to reach epic proportions, since every tablet-device maker is attempting to bite into Apple’s massive market share. Nevertheless, it would take a groundbreaking new technology, like what Google has to offer to replace the iPad’s continued dominance.

As of the present, iPad is popular for its typically great user experience and Google will have to better it to gain any sort of traction in the divided tablet market segment.

Google Nexus likely to shadow sales of other Android OS tablets

However, the launch of Google Nexus is creating another type of furore in the tablet market. It is expected that it will adversely affect other Android tablet makers, as they will mostly likely have to run an older Android version and not the latest Android OS.

The recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility too, has increased the anxiety (and to an extent speculation) in the Smartphone market as well.

This fresh wave of pessimism against Google’s latest Android and its likely dwarfing or competing against other Android OS tablets is because of a recent news byte by Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Declaring that in the first half of 2012, Google would release a tablet of the highest quality, he truly has let the gauntlet fall on what is likely to be the year of an epic battle.

All tablet manufacturers will wrestle with the present undisputed market leader, Apple Inc’s iPad, for a sizeable chunk of the market share, it currently commands.

Google speaking too soon on tablet market dominance?

The burial of WebOS-based tablet, the TouchPad, is too recent and fresh in memory and it is not likely that iOS will take a beating(as yet), however faster or better defined an user experience Google new tablet’s Android OS, is able to offer. Perhaps, Google is reaching too far into the future for the tablet throne!

By beatsoftech

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