Hamriya Freezone-Technopark launches its first company(Neologix) in UAE

Neologix Software Solutions launched their Middle East operations becoming the first offspring of the ‘Hamriya Freezone, UAE–Technopark, India’ strategic partnership. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two entities was signed recently for ‘the cooperation and collaboration for the advancement of entrepreneurship in IT Sector.’




“The IT sector in the Middle East is going through massive transformations, with professionals seeking fast effective and hassle free technologies while they are on the move.  Neologix, with its wealth of experience and knowledge is offering to cater the needs of clients in one of the most dynamic markets in the world,” said Jenu Joseph, Managing Director and Chief Architect of Neologix.


Neologix Software Solutions has been a leading internet solutions provider at the Technopark, India since 2002, developing state-of- art innovative software solutions for leading governmental, educational and multinational organizations in the subcontinent. Neologix had been catering its services to a wide range of domains and has extensive expertise in multiple sectors including healthcare, automotive, finance, e-learning, hospitality, real estate, retail to name a few.




“We are delighted to partner that Hamriya Freezone and Technopark have partnered for effective businesses. It is wonderful that we can easily establish ourselves with limited paperwork and fast processing. We are confident that our launch will be a distinguished start in the integration of both the geographical locations,” said Shan, Co-founder of Neologix.

Neologix will offer its expertise in a range of solutions particularly in the field of mobile-applications, a budding and fast-growing market in the UAE. Neologix also plans to up bring innovative portfolio with built-in secure networking functionality to enhance and attract customers.

By beatsoftech

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