Scholar from Iran builds world’s tiniest microphone

Bahram Azizollah Ganji, a faculty member at Noshirvani University, located in northern City of Babol, Iran may not seem to exude any significance at first, but the man has given to the world the tiniest capacitor microphone ever built, with its dimensions at 0.5 0.5 mm, reportsISNA.

The world's tiniest microphone

The world’s tiniest microphone

The microphone is tiny, so much that it cannot be viewed with one’s naked eye. Do not let that micro size belittle the microphone’s projected use. If things go as planned then, these microphones will prove to be a blessing to those with hearing impairments, owing to its sheer size. Among other features of this microphone; high sensitivity, low cost, low power consumption and use of low voltage are counted in, too.

Furthermore, the benefits of these tiny microphones will surely reach medical science. Doctors will find these microphones useful in receiving “the exact sound of the heart for diagnosis of heart problems and examination of foetus health.” Broadly speaking, the microphone will also find its use in “fishing, surveillance systems under water to measure sound waves and ultrasound waves to identify different marine animals, pens, telecommunications systems, information collection devices and defense systems..”, among others.

Interestingly, the microphone is also preparing to get itself listed as a record holder.

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