The year of the tablet

Swipe it out: Feel the magic of touch with tablet computers
Swipe it out: Feel the magic of touch with tablet computers

Tablets will continue to overshadow its large-screen cousins even in 2012, reports Vishnupriya Bhandaram

The last year was all about ‘i’. Personal entertainment is big on techno-street. The largest trend has been the vast influx of tablet PCs. It all started with the launch of iPad’s successor, the cheeky iPad2. In competition are a host of other personal computing systems. While some give value for money, others, like Asus’s Transformer, offer functionality that almost replicates a laptop model.

Prakash Dantuluri, CEO of Paradigm Creative, which specialises in creating apps for smartphones and tablet computers says, “The iPad has defined the segment of tablet computers, and other tablets like Samsung Galaxy Pad and Motorola Xoom haven’t been able to catch up because they lack a good operating system and a range of apps. Amazon Kindle Fire is the next big thing.”

Rohit Krishnan, a visual communications student, agrees with Prakash that pads and tablets are primarily devices designed for consumption of content. Prakash adds that while 2011 might have created a sound platform for the tablet computers, there were more misses than hits, and that next year tablet computers will grab much more attention, moolah and spectrum. With the entry of Windows 8 Tablets, next year’s Tablet Wars are only going to get more interesting.

Come to think of it, personal entertainment and all-in-ones are becoming the order of the day. Aditya Sharma, college student, gadget geek and freelance photographer, wakes up at 7 a.m., brushes his teeth, sips his coffee and rushes to swipe his fingers across his ‘baby’— his five-day-old Samsung Galaxy Note. It’s a svelte pocket-friendly, if not palm-friendly, tablet phone that comes with a stylus. “I have always wanted to own a tablet,” says Aditya, “but the wi-fi models have limited functionality. A tablet really makes my life easier because it’s more like an all-in-one device for me. I can make my presentations, type assignments, send e-mails, and manage my calendar. That’s not all. I even process my pictures on the Note and obviously make calls. It keeps me happy!” he beams.

But what is making the tablets really click is their light weight, reasonable screen size, bright colours and a growing range of apps— and all this to go and now literally at the flick of a finger. Tablets have created the need for a change in the way users interact with a device and expect additional functionality from their devices. Suresh Raju, gadget enthusiast, also believes in going zen — he believes in living life wire-free. Suresh admits that his reason for splurging on a tablet was that he felt he could connect it to a keyboard and use it as a desktop or attach it to his car stereo for music on the go.

Exit desktop, enter a brand new, sleek tablet. A winning bet would be that the Egyptians didn’t see it coming when they were chiselling their own hieroglyphic tablets! The trend began to take shape when gizmo giant Apple launched its very own tablet and, true to Apple’s nature, the device is sleek with a standard Apple operating system. Even India decided to catch up with our very own Aakash tablets, which will sell for less than Rs. 2500.

With Google’s Android tabs catching up on tech lanes as well, many other companies have decided to jump aboard.

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