It’s time to work on Facebook…Age 21 but Salary 65 lakh…

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Ankur Dahiya, who hails from Rohtak in Haryana, and Radhika Mittal, who grew adult in Kolkata, might come from opposite backgrounds – his is a family of doctors, hers is endangered in several streams of commerce – though they also have a lot in common. They are both category toppers, BTech students during IIT (Delhi

and Kharagpur, respectively), and both will be operative with Facebook. The 21-year-olds can’t wait to finish their final division since a initial step in their post-IIT careers is a pursuit that will take them to a world’s mechanism engineering hub, Silicon Valley.

What is your pursuit form during FB?
Ankur: We’re going to be program engineers during Facebook’s domicile in Silicon Valley. They have not summarized a profile, though it will be associated to infrastructure upkeep and conceptualizing new services.

Radhika: we wish we get to work directly on ideas to urge a site, that is still during a flourishing stage. It’ll be hapless if we finish adult doing usually tiny modifications, while seniors get to do all a sparkling stuff. I’d like to have a leisure to minister directly to a new features.

What about a money?
Ankur: we don’t know where reports of R65 lakh came from since a final offer has not nonetheless come through, and even when it does, we will not be authorised to divulge a sum.

Radhika: we consider a total of R65 lakh and R77 lakh are formed on an estimation of a offers finished by general companies final year. Even we am nonetheless to get a grave offer letter, though we trust a smallest compensate joint is between $100,000 to $125,000 (approximately R53 lakh to R65 lakh, respectively) a year.

What was a talk procession like?
Both: Long!

Radhika: A month ago, FB gave us an online exam in that we had to write a programme that would discriminate formula well and quickly. The shortlisted possibilities afterwards had to write dual exams and bear 3 rounds of interviews on a day of a placements.

Ankur: we was given usually one created exam on Day 1 of placements during IIT-Delhi and afterwards after any turn of interviews, people were separated compartment it was usually me. we was asked questions about algorithms and programming.  They were especially endangered with my problem-solving abilities.

Did your march assistance we during a preference procedure?
Ankur: The march is especially theoretical, and a questions FB asked have not been taught since they were application-based. So we had to come adult with a resolution and pattern them ourselves formed on a speculation we learnt during college.

Radhika: we consider a tests, interviews and even a pursuit are all directly associated to my course. What I’ve complicated in a past three-and-a-half years and a projects that I’ve finished will assistance me solve problems and come adult with formula and programming solutions.

Did  other companies make we offers?
Ankur: we was shortlisted by 7 companies, though we could usually talk with 4 since there was an overlap. we got offers from Google India, an investment organisation in Gurgaon called Power Research and Facebook USA.

Radhika: we was shortlisted by Microsoft and IBM India Research Lab and got an offer from IBM in Delhi.

So since Facebook?
Both: It’s in Silicon Valley!

Ankur: To be means to work there is any mechanism scholarship graduate’s dream come true. we feel my form matches FB since it’s an internet startup and has usually 2,000 to 3,000 employees as against to say, Google’s 30,000.

We’re going to be program engineers during Facebook’s domicile in Silicon Valley Ankur Dahiya and Radhika Mittal.

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