‘If I Die’ app enables Facebook users to write a posthumous message

A new Facebook app called “If I Die” has sparked interest from all corners of the web. The app’s primary function is to allow users to write what they want as their final words on their Facebookwall, with the app engineered to post the message after they die. The app asks – what will you leave behind?

The If I Die app was developed by an Israeli company that specializes in “time capsules”. The company’s co-founders were inspired to create the app, after a few close friends nearly lost their lives in a traffic accident in Italy. The team behind the app suggests users upload something they might have never shared before, or thought to while they were alive.

According to the company, the app, which already has 5,000 likes on Facebook, will publish the posthumous message only after three friends or ‘trustees’ that have assigned the responsibility, verify the If I Die user’s death.

Interestingly, If I Die users will also have the choice to upload a video they want aired posthumously. Facebook already has what it calls a memorial service, where once it has confirmed one of its users has passed away, it converts their Facebook wall into a memorial accessible only by friends.

By beatsoftech

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