Kindle 2011

The Awesome Geek

I can only liken the Kindle entering my life to the time the iPod found it’s way into my hands. The similarities are numerous. I received both as gifts for Christmas. I became immediately obsessed with both. I turned into an ambassador for both products showing them off to friends and family with glowing recommendations. And finally, I have changed the way I think about books the same way I changed the way I consumed music after owning an iPod. Read on to find out why.


Let me get the negatives out of the way first so I can gush for the last 600 words. The user interface isn’t the best, however living in the world where we are all babied by the ease of use of iOS this isn’t hard to believe. Navigating with the directional pad and options menus are tedious to begin with and this is not…

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By beatsoftech

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