Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy R and Galaxy M

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Apart from the usual reasons like great design and splendid display, the best thing about Samsung smart phones are that we are offered a plethora of choices and the pricing is great.

‘I am looking for a Samsung phone with a display of at least 4 inches.’

‘Would you like to buy the Samsung Galaxy S 2?’

‘Yes, but it costs 30,000 Rupees.’

‘Then how about Galaxy R that costs 23,000?’

‘Sounds great! But that’s still a bit costly, I guess.’

‘How about the new Galaxy M style that costs around 15,000* Rupees?’

‘Wow, that’s exactly what I want!’

*this model was announced very recently and its exact price is unknown.

How many differences can you spot between these two phones?

Samsung Galaxy S2 (left) vs Galaxy R (right)


R – 4.19 Super clear LCD, 800 x 480 resolution

S2 – 4.27 Super AMOLED Plus display, 800 x 480…

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